About AAA

The Architect’s Association Agra stands as a pivotal force, uniting registered architects dedicated to elevating both their profession and the city’s development. With an average member age of 35 and a decade of tenure, this dynamic association has achieved remarkable feats and reached significant milestones.

Central to their mission is the annual organization of seminars and events, fostering the growth of new skills within the architectural community. These gatherings serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, shedding light on construction technology and innovative products. Moreover, the association plays a crucial role in cultivating wider public awareness of the architectural field.

A prominent highlight is the ARCON event, an early brainchild of the association, which has effectively become a touchstone for architectural excellence. However, their influence goes beyond conferences and gatherings. The Architect’s Association Agra actively engages in voluntary initiatives aimed at enhancing the city’s landscape. Through collaboration and insightful recommendations, they have successfully transformed key intersections such as Sursadan Crossing, Bhagwan Talkies Crossing and  Sultanganj Crossing, as well as introducing iconic designs like the “I Love Agra” selfie point at Trident Fatehabad Road.

Notably, the association extends its impact towards environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Workshops and seminars addressing water conservation and overall ecological well-being have underlined their commitment to a greener future.

In essence, the Architect’s Association Agra is reshaping the city’s identity. With every initiative, design, and educational effort, they are laying the foundation for a more architecturally advanced, environmentally conscious, and socially enriched urban landscape.

About Archicon

AAA is formed out of the vision and effort of its Patron and its founder members .